Monday 27th April – I’m pretty sure the lockdown is already over.

I’m a bit puzzled.

And here’s why.

The-Virus has an incubation period of two to ten(ish) days.

The lockdown (slash national prison sentence) began on March twenty-third.

Add ten(ish) days to March twenty-third and you get April sixth.

In the interests of the (ish) part of the calculation, I added fourteen days.

So, by my calculation, if the Government strategy is doing anything remotely close to functioning as planned, infections and deaths from The-Virus should have dropped off a cliff in mid April.

And as you can see from the image I have burgled from The-Internet, they properly didn’t.

So what precisely is the purpose and/or benefit of us all being groomed, sex-offender style, into this ‘new normal’?

Because, deaths and infections post April sixth were contracted in spite of, and totally during, National-Imprisonment.

And as you can see from the nicked graph, there’s never been a spike, quite the opposite, there’s been absolutely no impact whatsoever?

National-Imprisonment is feeling a bit like feeding coins into an electric meter and the house never getting warm.

And I don’t know if the Government has peered out of its windows lately but when I look out of mine, folks initially cowed and obedient are now low-key doing what they want anyway. There’s more people roaming about than ever, the shops that are open have queues a mile long outside and there’s cars whizzing about everywhere.

Several of my neighbours have had visitors and gaggles of teenagers are creeping around under the cover of darkness, basically getting on with their lives.

The zeitgeist of the age appears to be silent rebellion.

And quite honestly, one needs to examine the life worth living.

Is a life of imprisonment actually a life?

If you were told today that this would be it, and the rest of your life will be four walls and Netflix, is there any point?

In addition, I’ve had The-Virus and Anna has had The-Virus and in Anna’s case it was so mild it was laughable so how do you know you haven’t already had it and recovered?

Since the Government, despite National-Imprisonment beginning over a month ago, haven’t managed to organise any sort of meaningful testing, loads of us could already be immune and doing time for no reason whatsoever.

The whole thing is a mess and whether No10 like it or not, I get the sense that the lockdown is already unofficially over.

And quite honestly, the figures don’t add up, the strategy offered by our Government is beyond useless and in the meantime, my life is seeping away anyway.

And you know.


What do you think????

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