Monday 13th April – Let’s talk about the UK Pandemic Preparedness Strategy shall we?

These politicians seriously need to stop making faces at The-Virus daily briefing.

This time it was Matt Hancock.

He obviously felt he had satisfactorily answered the questions being levelled at him regarding the somewhat shocking lack of protective masks, gowns and that.

He was staring into the camera.

Sincerity and candor oozing from every pore.

Matter of medical teams not having protective gear addressed.

Asked and answered.

We’re deffo going to get more sorted so let’s move on.

But another pesky journo asked the question again and Lord-Fancy-Pants-Hancock made a rather unappealing face that loosely translated to ‘FFS’.

It doesn’t seem to be sinking in with our revered leadership that their answers simply aren’t making any sense. 

They won’t commit to dates and they slide around any prospect of disclosing volume available on the ground. Nope, it’s rather an airy-fairy business.

 “Chill out, we’re all over it”.

So it got me thinking.

Given that this is the Government of an advanced civilisation. Given that this is the Government of a country who has experienced at least two pandemics in the last decade or so. Given that these are the guys we trust with our lives on a myriad of subjects, they must have had a plan. 

There must have been a comprehensive strategy document in place that allowed a robust, planned down to the last thermometer, infrastructure to swing into action in the event that a more aggressive pandemic visited our shores.

Maybe that’s why they sat around on their hands for a couple of months after The-Virus was reported and only acted once people actually started dying in the UK.

Because they’re smart folks and they had it all covered.

So I went on the hunt.

And I now understand what the problem is vis a vis the protective stuff.

The Government can’t give a more detailed answer to the pesky journos because basically, as far as they’re concerned, everything is actually going swimmingly.

They had stockpiles.

The end.

And here’s a direct copy/paste from the UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy.

  • “4.16  The Government already has in place stockpiles of face masks and respirators for health and social care workers. In line with the scientific evidence, the Government will not stockpile facemasks for general use in the community. The responsibility for providing advice on the use of face masks and respirators, as well as their provision and training, for non-health workers in the public and private sector rests with employers.”

So in respect to the pandemic strategy regarding gowns and masks for the public sector medical staff, working in their own hospitals well, the strategy is going exactly as planned.

They had some stockpiled and if they ran out, well they’d Amazon Prime themselves up some more.


What’s the problem?

How many they had stockpiled isn’t clear, could have been ten, could have been ten-million.

Who knows?

Now I’m not judging.

But in my judgement, Anna has a more sophisticated plan in place for the supply chain of Pringles and alcohol for her 18th birthday bash.

What do you think????

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