Monday 6th April – Okay, so I think I’ve got The-Virus

It’s looking pretty likely that I may have been a bit optimistic about the whole hay-fever thang.

In the middle of the night I woke up feeling a bit hot and a bit sore-throaty.

But since I was only hot and sore-throaty, and there wasn’t a whisper of a repetitive cough which, as we know, is the big symptom, I figured it must be a warm night or my hay-fever acting out so I stuck ‘BuzzFeed Unsolved’ on the iPad, and went back to sleep.

Wind your neck in hay-fever, I’ve got YouTube and I cannot be ruffled.

You ruffle me not.

I am unruffled.

When I woke up, still hot, still sore-throaty I discovered that this irksome duo had been joined by some achery and, really weird eye-torturing.

My eyes hurt.

A lot.

But what I am uncertain about is the fact that I don’t have the repetitive cough.

I have a sort of now-and-then cough.

I’m confused about that.

But I also now have a text from the NHS saying that I have the symptoms of The-Virus so I guess that’s that.

It gnawed its way into my life.

My real problem is that we’ve had a chap renting our spare bedroom for a while now. He has elderly parents up the road and works in some sort of supermarket factory in the local area.

I just informed him of my NHS text and my various symptoms and let him know that he should probably let his employers know.

He went batshit.

He said he needs to keep seeing his parents as his mum is old, so I think this means he’s been seeing them all along.

Colour me gobsmacked.

And furthermore, he fully intends to go to work tomorrow.

In a supermarket factory.

That processes food.

He said I haven’t actually been tested positive, which is true I suppose, and that a text from the NHS means nothing.

Am I overreacting?

He was really mad.

So, I don’t know what to do.

Do I call the feds?

If I do, will he kill me?

Nope, today is not a good day.

And it would be fair to say that, right now, I’m definitely a bit ruffled.

What do you think????

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