Thursday 2nd April – Universal Credit: Prepare for Tent City.

Continuing my ongoing theme of “What the fuck’s going on Boris?” may I impose a further query.

Allegedly nearly a million people have been forced to claim Universal Credit during the last few weeks. A number that represents a mahoosive increase on business as usual.

So my question, Boris, is this:

Are you aware that Universal Credit only pays a small percentage of private rent?

Literally, Universal Credit pays for about half a house.

The other half has to be paid for by claimants.

The jobs that claimants used to use for that purpose have now, in many cases, bounced.

“Tell your landlord to fuck off, you’ll pay them when we’ve cured The-Virus” is kind of surprising advice to hear from our esteemed leaders.

I mean, seriously?

Is that your idea of support?

Now I get it, the image of benefit claimants is mostly as represented by the respective cast and guests of Shameless and Jeremy Kyle so support for this group is probably pretty limited under normal circs.

Nobody likes loafing crackheads but, even in their case, many of them work, albeit cash in hand, somewhere or other, and as in the case of the tax-paying citizens, even the loafer’s slightly suspect income streams have dried up.

So in short, renters, both tax-paying and otherwise, are seriously screwed.

Are you under the impression that all private landlords are scrupulous, upstanding members of society?

Have you not seen ‘Slum Landlords’?

Are you convinced that when a tenant goes to their landlord and explains that forthwith they’ll only be paying a bit of the rent, that the landlord is going to be all philosophical and zen in response.

Goodwill to all men and all that.

Because if you’re not convinced of that, well then you need to make a simple commitment to the people who are showing such faith in you.

And yes, in most cases, even the perceived loafing crackheads are doing ‘#stayhomestaysafe’.

Bless ’em.

You need to pay 100% of private tenant’s rent until this lockdown ends, when they can go back to work and do it for themselves.

And if the allure of doing the right thing isn’t tempting enough to persuade you to act, well try this on for size.

Do you really want a battalion of homeless crackheads roaming the streets in search of shelter?

Who knows whose garden they’ll end up living in.