Tuesday 31st March – Stop making it worse. Fuckwits.

Scuse my French.

But what colossal douching fuckwittery is this?

These images were taken in New York yesterday and, whilst I understand the desire to flout the rules, kick over the traces and run free like a mustang, all that’s being achieved here is the making of this crap-fest lasting longer.

These fools are undermining the sacrifice of the many who have run out of stuff to watch and are now perched agonisingly on the edge of their sofas waiting for a new Netflix box set to drop.

Have you gotten so bored you’re actually watching the alien documentaries yet? 

Yeah, I hear ya.

The Tom-Fools are prolonging the dreary, monochrome existence we have all been shafted into enduring.

And more to the point, they are getting between me and the prospect of anyone in this house eating food that I haven’t burned anytime soon.

In short, they stand between me and a Big Mac.

So, to honour my struggle, which is real, I turned to the ‘Level 2: Media’ qualifications of Anna who whipped out her iPhone and produced this rather sick advertising campaign to illustrate, reinforce and pretty much bludgeon home the seriousness of my plight.

(Don’t come for me McDonalds marketing department, I’m doing the Lord’s work here).

And to the fuckwits.

Just get your arses home and suck it up.

This isn’t anyone’s childhood dream

Trust me.