Monday 28th November – Real Top Gear: 1 – Flop Gear: 0

Dear BBC Overlords,

Further to my diary entry of Tuesday 21st June – In or out? wherein I scribbled my opinion on Flop Gear v Real Top Gear, I wanted to reach out and commiserate with you.

At this point in time you must be feeling a bit like Avril Lavigne’s ballet loving mate when she finally managed to get the baby down for a nap in her bedsit, and switched on her TV to find that Avril and Sk8er Boi had just purchased another Gulfstream Jet.

As you know, I’m a super helpful person so will let Jeremy explain what’s been going on, way better than I could.

I almost feel bad and, had you decided to start a whole new car show after kicking Jeremy out, I probably would be feeling a little kind-lier right about now.

But no, the decision at BBC HQ was to go another way, and in doing so you gleefully nicked the entire format and loudly boasted that the BBC was bigger than any show. As I have previously said, it may or may not be true that Jezza had some medicine to swallow after Dinner-Gate, but attempting to rip off his and the lad’s entire idea was just rubbish.

Hitherto I’ve been a bit sad that Clarkson, May and Hammond have been off our screens for over a year; the last episode where May and Hammond appeared alone and thanked us all for watching over the years seems a long time ago now.

But now it occurs to me that, in the sentiment, if not actual words of Confucius, medicine is probably much better swallowed a year after a massive Stig heist.

When it’s good, cold and lumpy.

Happy Holidays!

Love and hugs,

Single Mum xxxxx

P.S. If you need to borrow my Amazon Prime membership details, just bing-bong me 🙂

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