Sunday 26th June – Bonkers Britain is getting scabby


I’m bored with talking about Europe.

Annabelle is bored of me talking about Europe.

The dog has been spotted staring longingly at the shelf where we keep the Thai travel guides and Mike and Ike, the hamsters, haven’t been seen since Thursday night.

So given that it appears that my Dalmatian would rather run the risk of emigrating to a country where he would likely end up as ‘Pad Krapow Woof Saap’ rather than listen to any more Europe talk, and before he packs his wormers and chew toys for good, I must implore that we bring an end to Bonkers-Britain.

I think that Outside-Europe is better than Inside-Europe for lots of reasons but, it has to be said, the issue of lightbulbs is quite high up my own personal agenda and really, I’m not sure if it’s worth getting to the point where we are revisiting the miners strike over interior lighting.

tsdoasm21Social media has turned into a verbally frenzied war zone which, it is absolutely true, I’ve gleefully engaged in.

In my defence though, I thought we were all just having a bit of banter for a laugh.

My intention in adding my two pennies was simply and only to wind people up for a bit of sport (you know, first one to make his ears bleed wins) it rained a lot of yesterday and I didn’t have anything else much to do.

I was Scooby-Less what to say when one old schoolfriend of mine labelled another old schoolfriend of mine ‘thick as shit’ and a ‘grubby little moron’ – plans were being madetsdoasm21 last time I checked in for Friend-One and Friend-Two to meet up at a local pub and kick the living sheet out of each other.

Back in the mid-eighties the term ‘scab’ was thrown about to refer to a person who didn’t agree with another person.

Charming right?

Yesterday in Peterborough people were leaving notes telling the Polish vermin to go home?

Yesterday on Facebook, people were calling Brexit voters scum.

Hector the dog can’t be the only one to think this reaction totally bonkers.

I no longer care whether we are in or whether we are out, it really isn’t worth losing my friends or my hamsters over.

If this situation gets any better, by noon tomorrow we’ll all be rolling in glass.


What do you think????

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