Sunday 5th April – Long live the Klu Klux Klan LOL :-)

I have a question.

What’s up with people on Facebook?

Unless the discussion is about:


Whether they’re jumping, running, bouncing through grass or licking theirs or their owner’s nuts, animal shares are special and super-awesome, share your heart out, you won’t get any aggro from the left-wing luvvies over a Pug singing in an Irish accent or an adorable kitty cat in a super-awesomely funny box pose. In response you’ll probably get lots and lots of ‘Likes’ and happy faces.


Obviously always special and super-awesome because god forbid anyone should actually point out any flaws in a child, even the blatantly obvious ‘We’re-All-Thinking-It’ stuff like “Shit, that kid doesn’t miss many meals does it?” or “Jesus! What happened to your kid’s barnet – LMAO ”.

Inspirational Sayingstsdoasm21

Super-awesome and very uplifting I am always overjoyed to see an endless stream of regurgitated,  saccharine, asinine bollocks that in days of old was restricted to gag bog paper or the daily desk calendars given away by tyre suppliers. As adults, most of us have problems whose fixes need slightly more sophisticated solution strategies than simply remembering that rolling stones gather no moss or that rain-drops are the crystal tears of angels weeping over the beauty of rainbows.

If however you stray into any of the following landmine subjects, the reaction can be nuclear. It appears that even using your very own page to launch one of these offensive word-bombs will not diminish the inevitable abuse and outrage.

Your very own opinion on any subject whatsoever

End of list.

Whether you think England would have been actually very well served by Scotland fracking right off and managing their own economy and border control, or enjoy watching, and gossiping about, Eastenders, there will always be someone who jumps in to your fairly amusing, tongue-in-cheek convo and loses their freaking mind.

This situation has been highlighted for me by the fact that I daren’t mention on my newsfeed that I may vote UKIP in this upcoming election.

Single-Mum, I thought, this is craaayyyzzzeeee and can’t be right. If I disagree with the creeping politically correct, single voice, single brain cell nanny state, I should flinging-flanging-well be allowed to say so.

I’m assuming here that a human-being who disagrees with another human being is still allowed to say so? Or have we climbed so far up our own smug, self-congratulatory backsides that the fat lady has sung, the cigars are lit and the decisions have been made for everybody by the people that shout the loudest?

A vote for UKIP seems to be widely perceived as a thumbs up for the white supremacist movement or the KKK rather than what seems to me, a fairly balanced approach to managing Europe, immigration and education (amongst other things).

I have always been an advocate of the premise behind the existence of the Labour Party.

I still am.

tsdoasm21The Labour Party of 2015 however is not the Labour Party of post war Britain that launched the welfare state.

The welfare state was conceived to allow the largely poverty stricken working man of the time to access the healthcare needed to prevent his kids from dying of measles and to provide a basic level of care that didn’t involve his entire family having to go into the work house.

The welfare state of today is spending it’s time and budget funding gender changes and boob jobs for people who can actually afford health care insurance payments, not poverty stricken agricultural workers who haven’t a shilling to purchase bread and cheese.

The Labour Party of 2015 advocates a public sector that cannot possibly financially support itself.

This sadly is a fact.

Want to know what enabling is? Take a look at Labour’s vision of a functioning welfare state.

And another thing; after all’s said and done, I think the Tories have done a pretty good job the last few years.

David Cameron has grown on me and I think his performance in the Leader’s Debate was a master class in statesmanship.

At this point I’m wavering between Conservative and UKIP for my personal box-ticking, my only reservation these days is that I’m not actually sure if the Tories are going far enough right to protect British interests.

Who knows?

But I do know this, if I want to write UKIP <love heart emoticon> on my Facebook page I’m going to.

Having said that, quite frankly, if I want to upload a group shot of the KKK Christmas Party circa 1935 on my Facebook page, I’ll do that too.



What do you think????

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