Thursday 22nd January – Muslim? Tomayto, Tomato

Every time I turn on the news these days, the subject of the Muslim religion seems to come up.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I for one am not remotely interested in the Muslim religion, or indeed any other.

What a total snooze-fest.

I have never ever asked any of my friends or co-workers what religion they are, any more than I would ask, or be interested in, their sexuality or political preferences. I have never based any boyfriend decisions on any of these stunningly dull topics, sticking instead to the far more interesting parameters of hotness, funniness and minted-ness and so, am totally perplexed bytsdoasm2 one simple fact.

What does choice of religion have to do with anything?

If British inhabitants decide to worship Buddha, Mohammed or indeed spacemen in their spare time; why should I keep getting dragged into it?

People from Afghanastan are not ‘Muslims’ they are Afghans (or some-such). People from Egypt are not ‘Muslim’s they are Eygyptians. And people in England are not Muslims, Catholics or Protestants, they are English.

On this basis I am unsure why any further allowance or accommodation is required for any sector of the British public?

Ce qui est le problemo?

People that fly planes into buildings, bomb shopping centres and behead aid workers are simply criminals, there’s nothing more mysterious than that going on, and I get confused when religion is even implied as being a reasonable cause and effect rationale in these scenarios.

We have a robust criminal justice system in this country, surely effective enough to manage criminals who assault, murder or otherwise infringe on the freedoms of those around them, so I for one would be really glad if we could stop the referring to, grouping by, or excusing of, citizens of this country based on their freely selected and utterly irrelevant religious beliefs.

These people in Luton (or wherever) aren’t ‘Muslims’, they are just normal British dudes and dudettes, nothing special at all.

tsdoasm2If peeps stay within the law we call them law-abiding civilians, and if they break the law we call them Skanky-Crimms.

Anyway, it must be well racist (and that) to keep segregating people by religion.

So, there we are.

All sorted.

Awesome, now on to more pressing matters; does anyone know when Gorgeous-Kate Middleton’s baby is due?

I’m thinking of having a bash at knitting some feet coverer things for it.

Seriously, how hard can it be?

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