Monday 3rd November – Cherry Tomatoes & Cheese Sandwiches

Much is made, these days, of immigration.

As a nation we are engaged in a constant, ongoing narrative concerning the many ramifications of foreign nationals making the UK their home.

Are the minority communities taking up too much of the housing stock, are they munching too much of the available benefit budget, should their religious and cultural temples be built at the end of my street.

Having raised these points, you’d think I’d have either a theoretical or at the very least, some approximation of a helpfultsdoasmpic answer.

You’d be wrong.

Broadly speaking, I subscribe to no particular ideology when it comes to the beliefs and values of others.

I guess I’m a humanitarian.

In my humble; everybody has the right to believe what they want to believe, live as they choose to live and spend their limited time on this earth engaged in whichever pursuit they so desire.

May the force be with you.

Live long and prosper.

Go in peace.


In this country we, and I speak here to the many voices that collectively rage against the malignant spectre of immigration, who consider themselves ‘Proper-British’ as opposed to the ‘ He-Might-Have-A-Passport-But-Look-At-Him’ brigade; let’s face it, we’re all pretty flipping fortunate aren’t we?

Our comfort lunchbox is positively brimming.

Not to sound too Monty Python (What have the Romans ever done for us?) we have roads, education, health-care, the freedoms of both speech and religious worship. We have water piped to our homes, a sewage system, and, for me, the most important of all, the latitude to believe whatever we choose.

I’ll use the cast of The Only Way is Essex as an example here.

Unfettered as they appear to be with anything approaching a functioning cerebral ‘upstairs’ – they get to go on the tele-box and express their opinions to an audience of literally tens of people.

Isn’t that awesome? If this isn’t demonstrable proof that here in the UK we are gloriously supportive of, and willing to share our many wonderful assets with the most needy and disadvantaged in society, what is?

Personally, my advice to the ‘Proper-British’ amongst us would be to stop wasting your time and energy jealously guarding our lunchbox, whilst simultaneously bitching about the strength of the cultures of our minority communities.

tsdoasmpicTake a leaf out of the pride these guys have in their heritage and culture.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with patriotism, try visiting a high school in the United States, their young ones can, quite unapologetically, list every President that has ever parked his democratically elected bottom in the Oval Office.

Ask most people in this country to name the six wives of Henry VIII and they’d struggle.

Here’s a wacky idea – look into your own culture. Examine the political climate; explore our long and riveting historical story. Get out on the weekends and bring your heritage to life.

Patriotism and cultural pride is a wonderful thing.

Fear, greed and bigotry is, at least to me anyway; a bit tragic.

We are all displaying our poppies with pride, well perhaps it’s time to remind you ‘Proper Brits’ amongst us, that the ‘Great War’ was fought across the world, across national borders and across religious and philosophical boundaries.

We all joined forces against a common ideological enemy.

Surely, given that fact, we can open up our richly blessed lunchbox and share out the cherry tomatoes and cheese sandwiches?

I repeat.


In peace.


What do you think????

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