Friday 27th April – The blog becomes a book

Bit of a red-letter day for me.

The Secret Diary of a Single Mum is now available as an e-book for the Kindle, iPad or iPhone on Amazon.

If an interested party were to type the name into Amazon, they’d be able to either review it (positively of course) or even, purchase it to take on holiday this year.

Just saying.

4 thoughts on “Friday 27th April – The blog becomes a book

  1. Superb achievement. Well done, and about bloody time! Have read some of the reviews that others have left on Amazon and it’s quite amazing that everyone seems to agree and have picked up the same points. I wish The Mirror’s copycat would stop now. She ain’t funny and I’m gobsmacked that the editor is agreeing to publish it. I’m very sad for her that she has lost her husband but that doesn’t give her a free license to steal what is essentially a direct rip-off from somebody who has been working on and struggling to enter the literary world for a long time. I’m sorry to rant but where’s the justice?!


  2. I have just finished your book, it’s brilliant and real which really makes a change!! I loved that I found myself saying I do that and literally laughing out loud (which did get a few strange looks but who cares)!!! Well done!!!


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