Thursday 5th January – Attishoooooo

As I did make a solemn promise to write on a daily basis, I am sad to inform you that I am suffering from the ‘bless-you’s’.

In addition, I also have a rather nasty ‘chestikoff’.

 Having temporarily taken to my bed, I will resume normal service just as soon as my legs stop aching, my chest stops heaving and my nose stops pouring gunk.

I’m poooooooorly.

Sympathy is, as always, entirely welcome.

Back tomorrow.

Assuming, that is, that I make it through the night…………………

6 thoughts on “Thursday 5th January – Attishoooooo

  1. Oh no – feel better soon. Sending chicken soup your way (well lets face it hugs aren’t going to make you better) Take Care. Hope the teenager and Annabel ensure that at some point you are still with us!


  2. Jso behind with stuff I’m only just reading this. I take it you are better as I’m reading my email notifications from the top ao I know you’ve posted since this one so, erm get betterer . And well done to your teenager for not poisoning you xx


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