Friday 30th December

You know when you buy your kid a toy for Christmas but don’t really think it all the way through?

Well, a remote to a Wii might be about to go missing.

Just after Christmas, things frequently disappear in our house. There was, for example, the year that the buttony-go-thing for the remote controlled car that kept slamming into the furniture because ‘it’ll get all ruined if I take it outside’ vanished, or the time the batteries kept ‘falling out’ of the Hungry Hippos game.

The Scary-Arsed-Baby-Doll ‘probably went off to start pre-school’ the day after it scared the bejesus out of me by starting to cry, for no reason at all, at 11pm one night when I was watching ‘Let The Right One In’.

Anything that yaps, bleeps, barks, cries or needs me to help play with it always seems to come to a mysteriously abrupt and tragic end round our way.

I’m now trying to fathom how I could have been stupid enough to think that a Nintendo and Just Dance 3 was a good idea? Did I not learn from the High School Musical Dance Mat debacle (someone had to accidentally tip clear Estee Lauder nail polish on the turn it on/turn it off bit to get it to be ‘broken’).

Annabelle has barely slept since Christmas Day. She’s a leaping, shrieking, street-dancing bundle of nerves, whose limbs and facial muscles continued to twitch in time to some unseen beat on the one occasion that I did manage to lure her away long enough to eat a Pot Noodle.

I tried to stuff her into a bath but the combination of thrashing limbs and the bubble-gum-pink Hello Kitty bath bubbles she got from Cousin-Emma began to resemble some gruesome scene from Jaws so I was forced to let go of her legs whereupon she leapt from the tub, grabbed a towel and shot, dripping wet, down the stairs.

Door slams.

Brief pause.


I wonder if anyone would notice if I just moved out?

Wii seem to have landed ourselves with a bit of a problem.

One thought on “Friday 30th December

  1. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!!! Its even funnier if you attempt the Just Dance with a couple of glasses of vino – purely you understand for co-ordination purposes!! Admittedly in our house, Just dance 1, 2 and 3 were bought for the kids but somehow it regularly comes out of an evening when the girls are round. Am purely testing it to make sure the disc hasn’t got scratched don’t you know. Oh and there is something sweet about winning against the kids (or is that just me?)


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