Monday 5th December

It would be fair to say that there have been a few occasions in my life when I have moderated and toned down my more, shall we say, provocative opinions, in the interests of not daring to offend anyone.

Just so you know, this aint gonna be one of them.

Jeremy Clarkson is being hung out to dry for the heinous act of responding to a question asking for ‘his opinion’ on the public sector strikes.

Obviously JC was unaware that it was a trick question. When asked what he thought, he foolishly and recklessly leapt to the rash conclusion that the interviewer was asking for his own, personal opinion.

Since rumour has insisted for many years that we are all entitled to be the proud owners of our very own opinion, I was surprised to note that a rather flippant comment made on the One Show (not you understand, on the front bench of the House of Commons) could lead to such a furious backlash from people who find that Jeremy’s personal opinion runs <insert horrified gasps here> contrary to their own.

Have our personal preferences and actual thoughts now become fodder for the do-gooding, politically correct brigade to get all vexed about?  

So, he didn’t agree with the strikes? Nor do I.


I also think that teachers need to start working forty hours a week, fifty weeks a year like the rest of us.

While we are on the subject of my personal gripes, I’m sick to death of people spear-heading campaigns to raise money (newsflash: there isn’t any) or awareness (ditto the money comment). If people aren’t yet aware that closed level crossing barriers mean strong possibility of very fast train coming, well awareness isn’t really the dizzy heights of consciousness that you should be aiming for.

Start with something achievable like a stick figure drawing with a car and some red paint.

And another thing, racisim, in it’s truest sense, is a non-subject in this country. It no longer exists. It’s a dead issue.

Everyone travels on the same buses and we all live alongside each other.

The law upholds the civil rights of every member of our society, and a robust framework applies to everyone’s person and propery.

Racism may have been an issue once upon a time, but it’s time to let go and move on. The battle is won. It’s universally agreed here, that treating a race or sector of society differently is wrong (apart from gypos of course, but they choose to live in caravans which is quite obviously mental, so it’s okay for the torch-bearing locals to hurl them from their homes).

I’m fed up with charities asking for my money (newsflash: there isn’t any) and if smoking around kids becomes illegal, well I guess my two will be moving out and moving on.

Freedom of speech is my right, Jeremy Clarkson’s right and fortunately for them, the right of the public sector strikers who were proudly and loudly making us all aware of their opinions last Wednesday.

Opinions do not have to be liked, they don’t even need to be listened to but, like elephants, they exist and I absolutely guarantee that there’ll be one you don’t like lurking in a room near you.

Right now.

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