Today marks the ten year anniversary since someone rang you and told you to turn on the tele.

Until about a week ago, I have always been resolutely of the opinion that whilst horrific and unprovoked, shit is prone to happen and because it is impossible to legislate against nut-jobs, occasionally their insanity will have shocking implications for the rest of us.

About a week ago, however, I was forced to reassess my fundamental belief that 9/11 was just a tragic and unforeseeable act of craziness.

I’m no ‘conspirasist’, I don’t really care if the lone gunman was actually a gaggle of communists, I even managed to read the Catcher in The Rye (there’s an afternoon of my life that I’ll never get back) without grasping what the conspiratorial fuss was all about.

I’m a pragmatist. I believe that life is, quite often, stranger than fiction and that even with our sooper-dooper techno-crap, that we as a species are far from being able to read the tea-leaves of fortune and thus avoid all or any unpleasantness that may currently be taxiing to the take-off runway of Dullis International Airport.

So, there we are. Me, shocked that 9/11 happened. Sad that nobody could have stopped it. Gutted for the victims that tragically lost their innocent lives on that terrible day.

Then I watched a documentary about United 93.

Now I’m a little confused.

United 93 apparently dove from the sky at a 45 degree angle and instead of hitting the ground and smashing into pieces, which I am fairly sure is the standard protocol for aluminium when it collides with the earth’s crust, it flew through the ground whereupon it buried itself without so much as a wheel visible above the crater that it created.

It didn’t have to be pulled out or anything inconvenient like that because when it had burrowed, mole like, underground, it and all of the passengers, seats, drinks trolleys and bags of peanuts disintegrated into vapour.


And while I’m on the subject of things that make you go ‘hmmmmmmmm,’ how could a plane that measures 140 foot from wing-tip to wing-tip fly into the Pentagon leaving a hole that is only 67 feet wide?

Once again, the plane was vaporised which makes sense since several of the survivors who were in the building that day, made their escape through the 67 foot crater and didn’t once trip over so much as a stray wing-mirror, let alone a Boeing jet.

I don’t have any agenda for questioning these apparent anomalies other than the fact that I stopped believing in fairy stories when I was ickle.

Sherlock Holmes used to quip that when you have removed the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the solution.

I agree that it’s impossible that USA Inc. were in some way aware of whatever was going to happen that day. I’m not entirely convinced that causing a war that would enable them to gain control of the richest oil-fields in the world would be reason enough for orchestrating the deaths of over 3000 of their own citizens.

Would the wholesale removal of privacy laws and the introduction of a system of justice that allowed anyone, anywhere to be held for however long USA Inc. deemed necessary be reason enough to slaughter so many brave souls.

I don’t necessarily think that the 160 billion Kuwait owned dollars that were stored in, and not fully recovered from; the wreckage of the Twin Towers is all that strange.

Or is it?

I think I can hazard a guess at what Sherlock would say.

He’d say it was all highly improbable.

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