Monday 15th August

Had a bit of a movie-fest with Handsome-Rob last night.

He bought the popcorn and I provided the movie.

The movie that I provided was ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ which is based on a novel, which I have already read, by my beloved, Michael Connelly.

Now, given the general ‘goal-orientated, can-do-attitude’ I like to demonstrate when it comes to taking the piss out of stuff, moaning about things and criticising in general, it probably comes as no surprise to discover that I’m ‘one of these’ that, when watching ‘the-movie-of-the-book,’ sits there ‘tutting’ and muttering things like ‘that didn’t happen in the book’ and ‘she never said that.’

For the entire length of the film.

Handsome-Rob, in collusion with the Teenager, finally pressed the ‘pause’ button and threatened that they would switch it off all together if I didn’t ‘shut my yap and stop ruining it for the rest of the class.’

Feathers firmly ruffled, I spent the next fifteen minutes sulking and pulling faces into my popcorn but finally cheered up when I managed to get my own back on them by refusing to ‘re-open my yap’ to tell them the back-story on why the hero had just done what he’d done.

Ha-Ha. How d’ya like them apples.

Apart from the fact that Matthew McConaughey decided, for reasons best known to himself, to do ‘Micky Haller’ with a distinctive southern drawl, it was in actual fact, a pretty good film.

I even managed to forget what a sleeze Matthew McConaughey is, (did you see him in Sex and The City? Eeeyyuuk) so, not only a good film, but also a big thumbs-up for proof of the existence of the willing suspension of disbelief.  

Handsome-Rob had to go after that because he was on duty early this morning, keeping the streets clean, fighting the bad guys, upholding democracy.

I’m pretty sure he is under the employ of Thames Valley Police but a casual listener could be forgiven for thinking he spends his days and nights trawling Gotham City looking for The Joker and his ‘homeys’.

We had a brief snog at the door, (me and Handsome-Rob, not me and The Joker. That’d be silly) but it was all rather difficult since the ‘hall-monitoring’ Teenager was also taking his turn on duty and, let me tell you, that dude runs a tight ship. He loiters, lurks and coughs a lot and when asked if he’s okay, replies that he’s fine but does so in his ‘high-pitched-lying-voice’ so boys generally get the idea that it’s past ten ‘o’ clock and high-time they were hauling-arse on out of there.

Anyway, I’m expecting handsome-Rob back again anytime soon.

In his haste to avoid a detention-slip from the lingering Hall-Monitor, he left the Bat-Phone here.

Hope Two-Face, Mr Freeze and The Scarecrow didn’t kick off again today.

Without his magical communication device, it’d have to have been carnage.