Friday 24th June

This week I’ve mainly been listening to Radio 2.

The Teenager claims that radio-related number climbing, up and away from Chris Moyles and the Radio 1 Breakfast show, is the final proof that I have finally gotten on the same page as my advancing years, and have dropped all pretence that I am still a Flirty-Thirty-Something.

As I pointed out to him, if getting a 40th birthday card from Friend-Kate last year that said ‘Smile while you still have teeth’, didn’t tip me off that I was on a downward slide into ‘Vintage-class-of-’85-classic’ then Annabelle and her ‘Were you alive when……..’ questions surely have.

All I can say is ‘Thank you Horrible Histories’ because having watched an episode, she then spends the next few hours traipsing around behind me quizzing me about things like whether or not I was alive when Elizabeth I fought off the Spanish Armada or whether it really was ‘Party-Central’ when Charles II took back the throne during the restoration of the monarchy.

No, I don’t remember what it was like before there were trains and yes, I would hazard a guess that the Great Fire of London was a bit hot but no, I wasn’t bloody well there.

Anyway, so, Radio 2.

Maybe I’m in denial but I really don’t think its next stop Radio 4 or Classic FM or anything like that but I very much enjoy the music, the guests and the banter.

Just this morning, I found out, courtesy of Chris Evans, that Victoria Wood is a vegetarian and likes listening to music such as The Pointer Sisters (me too) and that (best of all) she came to the studio on a motorbike-taxi.

How cool is that?

High five!

So, my conclusions are as follows.

Radio 2 is the new Radio1.

Radio 2 is not a radio-related admission of the need for a bus pass. It’s very hip. It’s very cool. It’s interesting and there aren’t commercials every two seconds (a-la commercial station radio-ing). 

Chris Moyles isn’t on it either which, to be honest, is a bit of a bonus from my point of view.

Radio 2 is where it’s at. You heard it here first (well, not first exactly. It’s apparently been around for a while so I guess that I can’t take all the credit).

As I have now finished writing, I shall now attempt to stand up without going “Oooooh, my knees hurt”.

Good luck with that love.

One thought on “Friday 24th June

  1. I actually love Radio 4 – I listen to it in my car and in the bath. Radio 2 at work though. You ideally have to be 12 or under (if not chronologically, then mentally at least) to listen to Radio 1.

    I’d rather stuff wasps up me arse than listen to that fatuous, talentless tit Chris Moyles. He’s less funny than experimental pile surgery.


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