Wednesday 1st June

I’m a little bit vexed.

I happened to read a column by some lady called Sandra Parsons in the Daily Mail today. Just to clarify, I’m a Mirror reader. For the simple reason that I’m a Labour girl and as everyone knows, the Daily Mail is printed in Conservative House.

Having said that if sleeze and the destruction of the welfare state are what you’re into, then whatever floats your yacht I guess.

Anyway, this Sandra Parsons bird has written an article that
chucks around adjectives such as tawdry, uneducated, untalented, manipulative and failure in relation to this, most recent, unfortunate saga in the life of Cheryl Cole.

She points out that Cheryl is basically just a council house girl who is guilty of the double whammy of having been educated (badly, apparently) at a local comprehensive and having also been the resident of a council estate.

Sandra also cites incidences where, as a pupil, Cheryl on one occasion got herself into a bit of a scrap with another girl at school and, on another, actually swore.

Holy-normal-school-girl Batman.

The article rants on at some length about how Cheryl Cole deserves everything that the last couple of weeks have dished up for her.

Ms Parsons suggested that if Cheryl had wanted things to turn out differently, that she should not, clinical depression apparently notwithstanding of course, have hidden herself away in her hotel room. She should have been out there clapping her flippers like all the other well-trained seals before the deity that is the Fox channel.

I don’t honestly know what this woman is rambling on about and must confess, it all sounds a bit like sour grapes to me.

I also don’t know if the vitriolic Sandra-Pee has ever had any experience of being depressed, frightened and a long, long way from home.

What I do know is that, as a general rule, you can count the number of journalists that originate from a council estate on one hand, so perhaps, it is a little annoying for the inhabitants of Snooty-Towers when they
are forced to witness a normal girl like Cheryl enjoy, not just a meteoric rise to fame as a result of her extremely successful singing career, but the complete and utter fondness that most of the people in this country have for her.

I also find it appropriately vomit-worthy that a little further down in the same article, there is a comment indicating that the Mail think that the
producers of X Factor are missing a trick by not including ‘Her Royal Hotness’ herself (their words not mine), Pippa Middleton as a replacement judge.

Since Pippa also graces the front cover of their esteemed publication today, I can only assume that in their case double standards are obviously better than no standards at all.

Pippa presumably deserves to be famous.

After all, she’s got a nice arse and more importantly, she went to St Andrews.

‘Nuff said.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 1st June

  1. This is so funny!! I hate this ‘Sandra’ chick, I’m so tired of journalists like her trying to tear women like Cheryl down. Its so boring. This isn’t the first letter I’ve seen like this and maybe since she is a ‘journalist’ she should be a bit less biased. The nation loves Cheryl and if the country were going to choose between her and ‘Sandra’, well…..bye bye journalist snob.


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