Thursday 19th May

We read to learn we are not alone.

I remember hearing that somewhere and it stayed with me (If anyone’s interested, I actually keep a notebook that is just brimming with other useless platitudes, but for now, I want to deal with this one).

There are times, for me at least, when a glance in my rear-view mirror proves that the loss and pain that I have encountered in my relatively short life has not, as widely advertised, receded into the mists of time, but is there, alive and kicking and waving frantically at me from back along the road much travelled.

Relationships that have ended, children that I lost without ever having had the chance to meet or hold, family members of both the two leg and four leg variety who, after much suffering, have had no choice but to move on and leave me behind.

Dazed and confused, we all stand amid the wreckage and skeletons of promises once made and the shimmering towers of what we once thought would last forever.

We are taught that success means fixing our eyes firmly on the horizon ahead. Gripping the map that we hastily re-scribbled after the last time that life handed us our butt on a plate, we are told to relentlessly soldier on, toward a glittering future that is probably, maybe, just round the next corner.


Things, I hear, can only get better; well I want to know why we should wait ‘til tomorrow to do what could, actually, be done perfectly well today.

You may be in the middle of a divorce; you may be mourning the loss of a loved one. It may be that your child is sick or that you have been diagnosed with a terrifying illness.

Are you broke, lonely, scared or guilty?

Well take consolation in this thought, we really are all in it together.

Our maps aren’t worth the fag-packets they’re scribbled on. The people around you who make you feel bad because their hair is always perfect just have a better closed-doors management system.

Make it your mission in life to use the sunny days to make hay.

When offered an opportunity to celebrate or be happy, grab it with both hands, even if it’s only for an evening or an afternoon. Never let a chance to smile, laugh or make daisy chains pass you by.

A good friend once told me that life is about having adventures.

Unlike Monopoly, the ultimate winner isn’t the one with Park Lane in their hand; it’s the player whose good memories outweigh their bad ones.

Store up your treasures so that some-day, when you need them, you can take them out and admire them.

The sunlight will dance off the smiles and laughter you remember, and they will wrap themselves around you like a quilt that’s been woven from the clouds.

And if I’m lying, well then sue me.