Monday 16th August

Due to my recent run of bad luck on the employment front, I found myself unsure how to proceed this morning. On one hand I was frightened that my temping agency wouldn’t want to find me another job, on the other hand (and slightly more worrying) I was frightened that they would.

I finally plucked up the courage to call them around lunchtime and was told that most of my fellow trainees from the course had also declined employment as a ‘fundraiser’ and as a result I wasn’t quite as non grata as I had initially believed my persona would be.

Agency-Amy assured me that she would call me when something came up.

Briefly considered doing some housework but, thankfully and just in the nick of time, became distracted by a programme that Annabelle was watching on TV. I perched on the edge of the foot stool, just for a few minutes, to see what could be causing such merriment and delight.

Three hours (and one disc change later) I can now, most decidedly, add a new favourite program to my list of, well, favourite programmes.

I don’t know if the BBC are aware that Horrible Histories has only, and clearly mistakenly, been scheduled on kid’s TV but I am confident that they will soon realise their oversight and get it on prime time. I don’t know who writes it (someone from the BBC I guess) but it is pure quality. In addition to being very funny, I think that, I speak for the entire family, when I say that we all learned something.

I say ‘I speak for the entire family’ because after about an hour, the Teenager sidled in and sat down as well.

Agency-Amy rang at about supper time to tell me that she has a role for me; a telephone debt collector, starting tomorrow. So, to summarise, turned down a role with Fagin & Sikes only to find myself in the employ of Scrooge Ltd.


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