Thursday 29th July

Teenagers do not make good baby sitters.

Since Wednesday last week I have been doing some ‘temping’ for a company who thought that it would be a beneficial move to have me provide temporary cover for their absent receptionist. Having recently had a run in with a company telephone system, I beg to differ but must take full responsibility as when checking the boxes on my agency application form, I gaily inserted a cross next to the telephonist skill set.

In my defence, my fudging of the truth was wholly motivated by my desperation to find gainful employment. An interested party, reading my registration form, could also be forgiven for being under the impression that I am also a skilled forklift driver so you probably get the picture.

As bad luck would have it, the school holidays kicked off on the very same day as my contract began and as my hours were full time rather than part time this left the Teenager in charge for a good chunk of the day.

On the first day, I returned home to find that working on the ‘how hard can it be’ principle (which interestingly enough also forms the basis of my work ethic) he had attempted to cook Annabelle pasta for lunch. Unable to find a recipe online he had resorted to reading the instructions from a packet of microwaveable noodles and had simply substituted spaghetti strands for noodles. He had also, apparently, ingeniously added tomato ketchup as a tasty topping. 

It seems that he did initially attempt to clear up the ensuing mess but gave up when he realised that washing up liquid came with its own set of instructions and that pouring a sizeable amount into the powder dispenser in the dishwasher wasn’t one of them.

Faced with mountains of saucepans, dishes, ketchup and bubbles he did the only thing he could think of which effectively translated to abort, abort, abort. He, Annabelle and the dog evacuated the area, breathlessly (and may I just add, expertly) sealing the contaminated space behind them by slamming the door and presumably hoping that I wouldn’t notice.

Had it not been for the fact that the kitchen is where the wine is kept, his cunning plan may have actually worked.

Have now made alternative childcare arrangements although, it must be said, the Teenager is not at all happy about Annabelle now assuming control.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 29th July

  1. again lovely yummy-single-mummy, you have single-handedly caused mirth within me.
    I thank you for your contribution to my day, and hope that once the bubbles have subsided you can allow yourself a wry smile at the antics that you may have got up to in your own youth.
    bless their little cotton socks eh?
    lovely to read you.
    lovely to know that you are still considering us mere readers.
    lots of love to you .


  2. Haaaaaaaaa … fab! My teenager fried his first egg last week … oh dear. You have my sympathy. As always … genius!!!


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