Wednesday 7th July

You may or may not recall that I mentioned that the company for whom I was working had, for reasons best known to themselves, considered my corporate contribution worthy of extended hours and more responsibility.

This situation came to a shuddering halt last week when I inadvertently sent an email to ‘all staff’ that was actually intended for Friend-Kate.

Whilst Friend-Kate would have no doubt appreciated the humorous way that I had described the hawiaan style muumuu that TT had inexplicably decided to wear to work, it appears that in a supervisory capacity, Tina was outraged at my ‘inappropriate use of company equipment’.

She omitted to make any reference at all to the content of my public broadcast. I am, as a result none the wiser as to whether she does in fact have access to either a mirror or electricity in her house. Was her ‘costume’ just a badly judged attempt to recycle her Glastonbury pied-a-terre (she went to see Jonathan Cainer)?

I’m now right up the creek without the proverbial paddle as the Teenager is expecting a sodding great gaming computer for his upcoming birthday. Despite scouring the internet, I have, as yet been unable to come across any organisations that will accept any of my; ‘I promise to pay the bearer of this voucher one night of lurve’ coupons.

Yep, things are looking pretty bleak in the single mum household this week but if Apple Corp. do take my offer to ‘review’ an iMac for them seriously then the impending birthday disaster could be averted.

Now if I can just figure out how to convince the dog that he is actually more of a grazing animal, I’ll be laughing.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday 7th July

  1. Oh hoorah hoorah – such a rubbish day at work and now I am laughing my head off ! soooooo glad you are back !


  2. Hallelujah!!!!!! She’s returned … as usual never failing to inject ‘corset splitting’ corkers into your blogs. Please don’t bugger orf again …. x


  3. super, super, super.
    stuff work, stuff pillows, stuff being a single Mum,
    you are your very best imparting the joys of life to us all.
    you should be writing full-time.
    stop being a Mum. place the kids into care, place the dog to RPSCA,
    and write.
    cos I for one, love you.
    well done you… yet again.
    lots of……. you know what.


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