Sunday 30th May

Quite unbelievably, Jolly-Nice-Craig emailed me yesterday to say that he would, in fact, like to have a second attempt at a date.

I must admit that this turn of events has left me a little lost for words as the people that write the informative and helpful ‘how to’ sites on the internet led me to believe that getting tanked up on a first date was rather frowned upon. Happily though, Jolly-Nice-Craig must be a gentleman of the understanding and kind sort which, as far as I am concerned, is a massive plus point given that I, at the best of times, am a little bit bonkers.

The Teenager has been spending a great deal of time with the Shiny-Pretty-Girl who has presumably not held the falling in the river fiasco against him. The house, as a result, permanently smells of Lynx and this morning he actually asked where the ear buds are kept, a development which, for the second time in twenty four hours, rendered me totally speechless.

I had no idea that he even knew of the existence of an item that could spring clean his ears but as he seems to garner most of his life management skills from The Simpson’s, I can only assume Bart must have found himself a bird too.

I am taking Annabelle and Little-Friend-Phillipa to see Robin Hood today which means that I will spend two hours running backwards and forwards from the toilet as Annabelle and her pal develop the mysterious bladder weakness that assails children when they get within ten feet of a cinema.

Still, at least I will get to stare at Russell Crowe for a couple of hours and to those derisive (and I should imagine green-with-envy-male) media reporters, his accent is irrelevant.

Who’s listening to him anyway.

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