Monday 26th April

When I arrived at work, Tedious Tina asked me if she could have ‘a word’. 

Following her into the meeting room I was mentally running through any areas in which my performance may have come up lacking, by the time I sat down I had pretty much nailed it down to my Ebay antics of Friday. 

Busily rueing the day, I waited for what was sure to be, what is known in the trade as, a quite serious bollocking. I was simultaneously wondering why I hadn’t just waited until I got home to start bidding on the Nintendo Wii but there seemed little point going down that road. I think the answer is self evident, I had internet access and a wall behind me, it was almost a dare. 

Tedious Tina glanced meaningfully at the file she had in front of her (which I had been trying surreptitiously to read upside down since it had been opened) and, taking a deep breath, she began to speak. 

Having established that I had indeed been seated in her desk between the hours of 10am and 2pm, she paused and asked, in a tone that made me suspect she already knew the answer, what had become of Funshine Bear. 

As a result of my single minded quest to outbid sara1434 on the game console, I had completely forgotten my brief but malicious run in with her Care Bears but, in my defence, I’m normal. 

Since it appeared that she had cunningly figured out that it was I ‘what had done the blag’, my only option was to ‘fess up. 

I have to say, she didn’t try very hard to disguise her skepticism at my explanation, but then she probably didn’t really believe that a ceramic ornament would just fall into an upright position and camouflage itself carefully behind her adding machine. 

Something told me that, at that point, even finding out I had managed to successfully win the auction would lift her spirits. 

There is just no pleasing some people.