Saturday 24th April

Feeling surprisingly chipper considering the time I got home. 

The reason for the outing was dual purpose. On one hand we were celebrating the fact that Friend-Kate has finally decided that it would be emotionally more rewarding to set up a re-homing centre for those tiny little dinosaurs from Jurassic Park than attempt to mind children. At least, she claimed, if they were carnivorous reptiles, she would have a fighting chance of anticipating what they were prepared to eat on any given day. 

On the other hand we were meeting up with some clients from her days in advertising who, quite excitingly, were all male and out for a bit of a bender, celebrating a successful marketing campaign for the vehicle that they produce. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to mention the brand but let’s just say it’s Italian and if one pulled up next to me, I’d be in the passenger seat before you could say ‘that’s a nice Ferrari’. 

The fact that we are both mature women for whom the rock ‘n’ roll days of mindless partying are a distant memory, explains why relaxing into a group of liquored up, thirty something executives was such a challenge. It was, for example, a good fifteen minutes before Friend-Kate stood on her first table and at least half an hour before the inevitable girly-night-out essential happened and I lost her completely.

At around 11pm, hoarse from the football sing-along-athon in which I had participated, I went in search of her. Tracked her down to a quiet corner where she and a man (to whom I shall refer in future as Hunky-McCutey) were involved in a hybrid version of what I had been doing all evening.

They, it seems, felt that singing was a bit 2006 and had opted for a very intense snog-athon. 

She eventually disentangled herself from Hunky-McCutey and his many, many arms and on the way home told me that he and she had engaged in a desk rattling liaison a number of years ago. 

It’s always good, she informed me, to stay friends with your former men folk. 

Seriously concerned about Friend-Kate’s understanding of the word friend since she assures me that I am also one and well, much as I like her……..!

2 thoughts on “Saturday 24th April

  1. Well seems both yourself and friend kate had a great evening… your friend kate’s definition of friend related to ex sort of relationship male spieces, nor female, longterm best ever or prooer friends, so feel you have no worries…. mind if friend kate developes, or shows tendencies to showing such tendencies towrds females friends, and your not inclined that way, then maybe just maybe worry!


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