Friday 23rd April

Since the moment I woke up today, I have been blessed with that Friday feeling.  And the reason? 

Tonight, Friend Kate and I are dumping the Freeloaders with their respective Grandparents and hitting Covent Garden to celebrate St Georges Day. 

Speaking of dragons, Tedious Tina called in sick this morning and as she was absent, her desk and by extension her functioning computer were free so I made myself comfortable. The official story was so that I could catch up on my pressing backlog of work. The reality was that I wanted to check if she had internet access.

Great success! Safe in the knowledge that nobody could see over my shoulder, I logged onto Ebay. 

Anyone who has conducted a Surf ‘n’ Work knows that from time to time you must shuffle some paper around and mutter angrily under your breath. Whilst shuffling I accidentally knocked over some of the vast collection of the little Care Bear figurines that litter Tedious Tina’s desk  (she also has pictures of cats, a stuffed cat and a ceramic (yes, you guessed it) cat.

I hunted around for a bit and managed to retrieve the odious little ornaments, I was then advised by a colleague who had been watching all of this intently, to make sure that I got them back in the right places. I started laughing but stopped again when it became apparent that she wasn’t having a stab at sarcasm or anything even humour adjacent. 

I then did something of which I am very ashamed, I am a grown woman and should know better. 

I hid Funshine Bear behind the adding machine and callously went back to looking for a bargain priced Nintendo Wii. 

I hope that God doesn’t smite me, at least not until tomorrow at any rate. I’m really looking forward to tonight.