Wednesday 21st April

Today is a bit special because it’s all about, you, the readers.

The diary has been running for a while now and I am really interested in what you think, perhaps you love it or maybe you think I should take up knitting or crochet or some such worthy endeavour!

So please leave a message below and please, be totally frank.


Single Mum, The Teenager, Annabelle &  Hector

10 thoughts on “Wednesday 21st April

  1. now then Mrs single Mum. you asked me to be frank, well I’ll try even though i’m Bob.
    dont you dare think about quitting now. just cos you’ve a new job, another way in which you are to be pulled……

    you have brought pleasure to a number of individuals and on the 2,4,8,16 principle, it can only get better, as I tell others and all the others do likewise.

    yeh some days are better than others.. but then thats life for real, you can’t just switch on and off the real person lurking within you..
    so stick with it… please…. and before you know it, there will be a publisher beating on your door saying that they like your style and offering you a 2 book deal etc.

    I dont know what initially led you to expose your world to a disgustingly naive and rude public, but now that you have started……. yeh, you know the next bit.
    and yes you have already guessed it, I am a writer too.
    but hey… I write about other things, and never fiction. but you never know…

    anyway lovely Mrs single Mum, and Teenager, and the Birthday Girl, and even Hector…. stick with it. stay focused,
    stay safe, stay everything, and use this protective medium to display your innermost being to all us ghouls needing a daily fix of you.
    please keep on keeping on,
    I for one love what you are doing.
    so sod ’em all and stay.
    all the very best


    1. What a lovely comment, thank you.

      I’m definitely not considering quittin’ – I am genuinely interested in feedback.

      Best/worst pages et cetera and whether it is doing what it said on the tin and cheering anyone up. One sends these pages out into the void and you have no idea what the reaction is.



  2. I am SO loving your Diary, and i look forward to reading it every day! It also, never fails to make me laugh, and that is so important to me, as i have become a laughter junkie, so thank you for making a few moments of my life each day a giggle. Keep on writing, and thank you. Lexy.x


  3. Dear Single Mum,

    Agree with other comments. Please, please, please do not stop writing now. You have a talent and you need to use it and share with others. ‘Bobby’ is totally right. Someone important one day will acknowledge it and make you an offer you can’t refuse! I’m sure of it!

    Good luck and I’m looking forward to tomorrows ‘juicy’ instalment …

    Mrs Y

    p.s. when you ‘get rich’ can I have a Ferrari?!


  4. I am a black and white girl and quite frankly in only a few days have become addicted to the life of a single mum.

    Need to hear about the ex and his pants and tedious Tina.

    Your writing is pure comedy! and makes me laugh.

    Please keep me entertained in my otherwise dull life lol



  5. Hi Single Mum, don’t stop, I love reading what is happening in your life….. call me nosey if you like…… it’s a bit like a chic lit book, no offence intended. so please keep it up.


  6. Noooooooooooo dont stop writing. I look forward every day to the updates and you have such a talent in writing. Makes me chuckle each and every time. Dont quit !!!


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