Tuesday 6th April

Realised halfway through Eastenders last night that Annabelle hadn’t spoken, sung, danced or asked where the scissors were for at least five minutes. On closer inspection it became apparent that the almost-never-happens had actually happened; she had fallen asleep. 

Employing balancing skills that I wasn’t aware I possessed, managed to get her upstairs and into her own bed without dropping her or disturbing her vice like grip on Blankie or Monkey. 

Even more astonishingly she didn’t wake up again until 8.30am this morning which, for me, meant an uninterrupted 10 hours of sleep in my own bed. 

Woke up calm and relaxed which didn’t change even when I realised that I was going to have to look lively as the kids were both late for school. Whistling a happy tune I prepared their packed lunches and planned what to do with a whole day to myself. 

Horrible sinking feeling set in as I was zipping up Hello Kitty lunchbox. 

Source of horrible sinking feeling confirmed as Annabelle skidded past shrieking ‘Yiiippppeeee, it’s the holidays’. 

Putting dreams of peace and quiet regretfully aside, took Annabelle over to see Friend-Kate and son Alex. 

Friend-Kate is a bit like Uncle Bulgaria in that she can remember the days when she wasn’t behind the times. Not being behind the times, for her, meant battling the business world as the Creative Partner of an ad agency.

A regrettable but spectacular moment of bad judgement (and possibly one to many episodes of  Dragons Den) caused her to replace this with the lures of running her own home based business as a Childminder.

Friend-Kate is of the opinion that the acting industry may well be on to something when they advise never to work with animals or children. She does seem to have a point. It looked (to the inexperienced eye at least) as though her ‘clients’ (air quotes intended) were blithely and methodically dismantling her home. 

‘Cheer up’, I said encouragingly as I left, ‘only two weeks until the Easter holidays are over’. 

I have to say, Friend-Kate did not look like I had cheered her up at all.