Monday 5th April

Spent yesterday evening at my parents watching, what I think was supposed to be a grizzly and haunting, Easter episode of BBC1’s Johnathan Creek. 

Shortly after it began it revealed itself to be, in actual fact, a Monty Python style farce. The high point was when a cat (that was supposed to be innocently jumping onto a table) was clearly (and let me just add) savagely thrown onto said table from left of screen! Both kids spent the entire hour and a half laughing like drains and critiquing the plot. Whether or not the BBC were hoping for disparaging remarks from a 7 year old is anybody’s guess!

 Awoke on the sofa at around 6am due to banging and crashing noises coming from the kitchen. Staggered in to see what was going on as last I checked I don’t have a housekeeper. Found Annabelle up on a stool staring at the toaster. As I entered the room she glanced at me disdainfully and said: ‘You slept in, (6am???) so I had to make my own breakfast’.

Spent an hour and a half washing the floor and all the surfaces, who knew Nutella spread could travel that far?

Annabelle played out with some other kids in the close today assuring me that she would come home with every item of clothing that she went out with. 

I say played in the loosest possible sense as when in a group of other children my daughter seems to morph into some kind of Drill Seargant Major. It’s difficult to say whether or not her unwitting battalion were truly enjoying the activities but they sure looked organised.  Last time I looked out of the window an aerobics lesson appeared to be in full swing and unlike the adult variety, even the members of the back row were enthusiastically flinging limbs around.  

A group of the teenager’s friends turned up late morning, well I assume they were his friends, I couldn’t swear to it as they didn’t actually speak. I couldn’t see their faces but a cunning process of elimination on my part identified that they were too tall to be new recruits for Annabelle and too short to be Jehovahs Witnesses. Before I could open my mouth to call him the teenager appeared beside me and in a cloud of Lynx spray and hair gel melted into the large blob with many legs that form his ‘crew’.  

Threw myself (with delight) onto the sofa and spent the afternoon watching Two and a Half Men reruns whilst eating twiglets. Total remote control doesn’t happen very often so must make hay while sun shines and all that!

Annabelle came in a little while ago without her socks, she thinks she may have lost them?