Friday 2nd April (Good Friday)

Dog (Hector) woke me up at 6am today, he is two years old and supposed to be at least partially under control but apparently he hasn’t been reading the same books as me.

Got back into bed and realised that the unusual pile of pillows on my bed was actually Annabelle (the 7 year old) who, it seems, had snuck into my room at some point last night. The pillows expressed displeasure at being woken up so early.

Resurfaced at nine thirty (nobody to get to school today!) and realised that the ex-parents-in-law would be here in fifteen minutes to collect Annabelle to go and buy a goldfish (I don’t want a goldfish!)

Ex-parents-in-law arrived and muttered some apology that ex-husband (Andy) hadn’t come this weekend, apparently Andy and the-replacement have plans (?). Third weekend that Andy and the-replacement have had plans. Made mental note to ring CSA on Tuesday as Andy, after two years of ‘difficulties’ now in full time employment.   

Michael (the teenager) emerged from his room for one of his brief trips into the main house, snatched food from the kitchen and vanished back upstairs. Followed the trail of dry Cheerio’s to his doorway and heard the MSN alert coming from his room –  Michael apparently plugged in happily for the rest of the day.

Ex-parents-in-law returned with Annabelle and a Sponge Bob Square Pants fish tank. Fish were bobbing around in their plastic air bag like two discarded corks taking no responsibility for their own motion at all. Whole troop came in while the tank was assembled, made uncomfortable chit chat with the former bane’s of my life and watched in horror as Annabelle ushered them upstairs to see ‘the whole house’. Hoped desperately that Michael hadn’t been to the toilet lately.

Waved them good bye and came back in to find the dog standing on the sofa drinking the water from the tank, fish nowhere to be seen. Found Annabelle in her bedroom talking to the fish who were now swimming contentedly round in her bedside drawer, retrieved fish.

Checked state of toilet, bad news.